Virtual CMO

Do your marketing dollars add to the bottom line?
Do they increase your customer base and profitability?

Achieving Your Goals

Every business wants to save and make money—we understand that. Now, let’s put that concept into context. If you hired a vice president of marketing, a marketing coordinator/project manager, a graphic designer, a web design specialist, a communications expert, and a marketing technology resource to implement and continually manage backend processes, your overall expenditure would be substantial. Couple these positions with level of expertise: a vice president of marketing and communications alone may only have five to ten years of experience at the senior level spread between three or four companies.

The Better Alternative

Now, imagine a group of former Fortune 100 executives who have the expertise derived from implementing marketing initiatives for hundreds of companies. The cost of this dream team of Fortune 100 executives is just a fraction of hiring an in-house marketing team. What makes more sense? And then you have to consider not just the expertise and cost, but also the depth and breadth of services we offer that are all managed for you by our Marketing Services Management team.

A Real Marketing Team

Why hire a director of marketing when you can have a CMO with global marketing expertise—along with a team who have held senior-level marketing and communications positions in leading-edge brands and Fortune 100 companies? You’ll have a team of expert strategists, communications executives, logistics and social media professionals, graphic designers, application and platform integration specialists, SEO experts, digital marketing experts, and web specialists—all led by a senior executive dedicated to making your company exceptional. Are you ready to begin?

Let’s do something great together!

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